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We’re a family run business you can trust. We take great care in delivering a variety of delicious fresh foods direct to your door.
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Jack Buck Farms
A family owned, forward thinking and specialist intense vegetable farm on the best silt-rich land in Lincolnshire, supplying us with their highest specification produce, all backed up by complete traceability.
Carl Dunham Butchers
Expertly butchered meat with outstanding local provenance from famous Lincolnshire sausages, to all the best hand butchered cuts. We think that this butcher is best in town, see what you think.
Apple Growers
From the UK’s premier growers in the heart of rural Kent, varietal selection and new growing techniques have allowed us to replace imported apples to extend the season of British fruit to reduce the needs of imports.
Robin Buck
Having strong family values Robin, along with his brother David, has been the driving force in growing and developing the business at Jack Buck Farms since taking over from his father, after whom the business is named.
Brussel Sprouts Field
A Brussel sprouts field in south Lincolnshire. Traditionally, south Lincolnshire has been one of the most important areas for production of vegetables in the country. Brussel sprouts are high in antioxidants along with other brasicas such as kale, cabbages and broccoli.
Plan your healthy meals around a Panda produce box
Combining our experience and knowledge of seasonality in Great Britain and around the world to bring you the freshest ingredients we possibly can.
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A fresh and delicious seasonal selection
Wholesome Vegetables
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For light and nutritious summer meals
Hand Cut Fresh Meats
Traditionally butchered meat - a better experience
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Delivering the produce you love, straight to your door
Delicious healthy meals our team have created using fresh Panda produce.
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What makes us different?
We’re on a quest to make a difference and to ‘Change the World One Box at a Time’ and we’re on a mission to help you live easily which starts with keeping shopping simple. We work with passionate growers who share our high standards and values so that we can deliver fresh quality produce right to your door.
How it works
Choose your box, make your payment and wait for your order to be delivered!
Your Panda Produce box will give you a seasonal variety of fresh foods in addition to the popular favourites, making it perfect for family meals. Your produce is carefully packed into Panda boxes and delivered straight to your door.
The contents of our boxes are regularly updated and we are developing a range of alternative boxes to meet everyone's tastes.