Frequently Asked Questions
Can I choose my delivery day and time?
Not at present. To be as efficient as possible, we plan our delivery schedule and route around confirmed daily orders. So, while we can’t give you a time, your Panda Produce box will be delivered within 2 working days of your order being placed (We don’t deliver on Sundays).

Where does you deliver to?
Delivery of your Panda fruit and veg box is free within an 18-mile radius of Gosberton. A delivery charge will be made for locations outside of this area.

Do you deliver 7-days a week?
No. We deliver 6 days a week, our deliveries are made Monday to Saturday between the hours of 08:00 to 18:00.

Do I have to be home to receive my delivery?
No. We want our service to be as convenient as it can be for you. Please indicate your delivery instructions when ordering so your driver knows where to leave your order. Please note, once they have dropped-off the goods, the ownership becomes yours.

Can I choose what comes in my fruit & veg box?
No. The contents of our produce boxes are fixed, but we do frequently change the list of what is included. Our original Panda Fresh Produce box contains a selection of fruit, veg and salads, which we have carefully chosen to satisfy creating a range of balanced meals and a varied diet. We pack our boxes with the freshest and seasonal contents; however, at busy periods, we may have to substitute certain items listed on your order. We operate a just in time stock control system to keep the freshest products. Any substituted items will be replaced with a similar item where possible.

Where do your fruit and veg originate from?
We always buy as locally as is possible and are proud to work with and support our British Farmers and Producers. Due to the seasonality, quantity, variety of produce, we are unable to rely solely on British or local suppliers. There are certain fresh produce lines which only originate worldwide and at certain times of the year.


What does my delivery come in?
We carefully select and hand-pack your order into reusable and recyclable boxes. Our boxes are made from board sourced from sustainable forests and are printed using water-based inks, which are much kinder to the environment and better for recycling than solvent-based printing inks.

Is there a minimum order

value and delivery charge?
Yes. The minimum order value is one Panda Produce box at £18, which includes delivery within 18 miles of our production site in South Lincolnshire.

How can I find out what’s in the box?
We confirm each week the contents of our produce box on our ‘What’s Cooking’ page on our website. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to put together next week’s menus.

How will my delivery stay fresh?
We endeavour to ensure that your order is kept as fresh as possible from the farm to your door. Your order is packed in a temperature-controlled area by an experienced team and is delivered as efficiently as possible.

How do I pay for my order?
Place your order on our website. We accept all major credit and debit cards directly and if you wish you can pay via PayPal. We take payment by credit or debit card on the day at the point- of-purchase. If you choose to set up an account, your payment details will be saved, so you don’t have to add them each time you place an order. If you cancel your account, your payment details are deleted.